Staging your Portland Home to SellSimple and Timeless Staging Tips When it's Time to Sell

If you are planning to sell your home in Portland you might know that there are slightly different tricks and tips to keep in mind when staging for today's buyers. While all home buyers like a clean and organized home,  buyers are looking for something a little bit unique.

Unless you are staging for someone that has lived here their whole life, many times sellers are staging for people coming from other cities looking for that perfect Portland pad. Regardless of who will purchase your home, staging for the masses is really the best option. Here are some tips and tricks to staging your home for sale.

Light and bright.

Make sure when your Realtor® takes pictures or you take pictures of your home that all the curtains are open and you're taking it at one of the lightest and brightest times of the day. Nobody wants a dark and dreary home regardless of where they live. Keep those windows open, lights on, and fresh and open air throughout the property.

Clean and de-clutter.

Just because you live in one of the most awesome places in the US doesn't mean you are immune to people wanting a clean and de-cluttered home. Pack up about half of fewer items in closets, cupboards, drawers and other storage places so it looks like you have plenty of space. Remember, you're going to be packing up these items anyway, better start now. Clean, clean, and clean some more. This it has to be one of the best cleanings you're ever going to do. Don't forget missed places such as screen door tracks, window tracks, blinds and the top of vents, refrigerators and cabinets. If need be, hire a professional cleaner at least while your home is on the market.

Rearrange furniture for an easy flow from one room to the other

Remember, buyers are going to be touring your home with their agent and possible family members so make it easy for them to maneuver throughout the house by not having a lot of furniture or items in their way. Sometimes less is more.

Pack away any personal photos.

Buyers don't want to be distracted by personal photos in the hallway or on the wall. If there are beautiful Portland-style photographs, images or pictures, those might be perfect for those coming from elsewhere. Remember, you’re staging for the masses and the majority of homebuyers not people exactly like you.

Hire a professional when need be.

There are multiple Portland stagers throughout the region that are experts at staging specifically to sell. For tips and tricks on your specific home please give me a call. I deal with buyers and sellers I can offer suggestions on what buyers are looking for in your particular property.