Simple Ways to Find a Neighborhood You Love

Finding the perfect home is more than just finding 4 walls to hold your family. It's about finding the best place to settle down and stop for a while. You look at the school districts, location, parks, commute, neighbors; all of these things help make your home buying decision. So how do you find the best neighborhood? 

Here are 5 simple ways to make sure you've chosen the right home.

#1. Drive around.

Don't just look at the house once, take several drive-bys and see if you like what the neighborhood holds different times of the day. Are there dogs barking, kids playing, quiet streets, industrial noise, noisy neighbors, etc.. all of these can pop up different times and you may not know it until you move in. Make sure you like the general sense of the neighborhood before deciding on the house.

#2. Are there local amenities close by?

Statistics have stated that homes near Trader Joes or Starbucks actually increase in value faster than those that are not close to these facilities. Are you looking for your home to increase? Consider choosing a house close to a Starbucks, or maybe just because you like to have your latte in the morning as well. Can you easily get to the bank, restaurants or markets or are you on a school route that will get jammed up twice a day? Scout out the neighborhood for the pros and cons. 

#3. Check the schools.

Whether or not you have kids, you may in the future or the next homebuyer may. Homes in good school districts increase in value faster and if you do have kids, you will be in a great zone for when they do go to school.

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#4. Check the current trajectory of values. 

Look at the homes in the neighborhood and see how they have increased in value over the last ten years. Your real estate agent should be able to give you a good snapshot of these results. If the results are positive, chances are your home will continue to increase as well. 

#5. Find "the best of" places.

There are so many of these right now. Take a look at the best places in a particular neighborhood or city and see if they fit with where you want to live. BEST PLACES TO LIVE IN... is a great way to find a good neighborhood or community. Check ours out if you want. 

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