There are A lot of ways to make your home more efficient but it also depends on your budget. From expensive to cheap fixes, here are some simple ways to make your home more energy efficient.Energy Efficient homes

#1. Replace windows. Of course, this is the most expensive way to make your home more energy efficient but it is one of the best. You can do it window by window or find windows that need replacing and maybe have lost their seal and replace them step-by-step. A cheaper version of this is to weatherize all of your windows. You can get a low-emissivity coating on Windows the  U-factor and the seller heat gain coefficient.

#2. Check for any leakage. You can check the homes thermal envelope if you have any energy waste. Infiltration makes heating and cooling systems work harder, which can cost you more money. Check noticeable leaks around windows, doors, pennies baseboards and around flues and chimneys and see off as much is possible.

#3. Increase insulation. Most homes only have the minimum required insulation and older homes may have even less. Be time to increase insulation and more to attics and setting if possible.

#4. Use of programmable thermostat. Companies like NEST and other programmable thermostats are an excellent way to maintain the energy in your home. If you're gone for any length of time your homes temperature will drop dramatically saving you handle on your energy costs. You can even check some of these remotely so that you can warm up the house before you get home from a vacation.

#5. Talk to your utility department. Often times, utility departments can offer discounts for certain energy-efficient appliances for usage. Them about the potential ways you can save money.

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