The Portland winters really could go either way. We've had a great summer and I've heard rumors of a really cold winter and others of a pretty mild winter, but nevertheless, winterizing your home doesn't have to be a big project and it's something you can easily slip into your daily life. According to here are some tips to prepping your home for the winter.

Make sure your home is insulated. Having an insulated home conserves energy and keeps rooms cool in the summer time and warm in the winter. Make sure you insulate your warm pipes so that water doesn't freeze or burst your pipes when the snow falls. Having good insulation also reduces electricity and gas bills. If you're unsure how well your home is insulated you might spend the extra money and have an inspector come and check out the installation in your walls, crawlspace or attic.Winterize your Portland home

Double check your heating system. Annual inspections and services can make your furnace or heat pump works the way it should and not work overtime costing you more money and energy costs. Now is also a good time to have your chimney swept. If you're going to have fires in the fireplace this winter it's best to start now by clearing out any creosote that can cause a chimney fire later on.

Check window stripping and door jams. I know from experience that dogs can damage door jams making them less efficient and allowing cold air to seep through. This is an easy fix and also weatherstripping your windows keeps the temperature warm inside and keeps the cool air out.

Take warm baths. This is probably an easy one; keeping warm water running through your pipes is a great way to continually winterize your home. Cover up your air conditioner with a tarp or plastic cover to protect it from the cold and check any hot-water geysers and make sure your hot water temperature is set at a pretty warm level.

Double check all of your smoke detectors. This is something that should be done in the spring and towards the winter. If you have natural gas or propane in your home having a carbon monoxide detector is also a smart idea and you'll want to double check the batteries in all of these things to make sure your home is safe.

Check for leaks and make repairs before the hard winter sets in. Nobody wants to be cleaning gutters, replacing attic fans, or sweeping chimneys when it's 20° outside. Take the time now before it gets too much colder to check any leaks, pipes or ducts and make sure you have any winter tools on hand such as shovels, snowblowers, ice scrapers and an emergency kit should you lose power this winter.

I love the Portland area and we never know what our winters are going to be like so it's best to be prepared when you have time. If you are looking at moving, buying or selling before the winter sets in the call me. I may have some great information on home prices and listings in your area and your budget.

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