How to Stage Your Portland Home on the Market for the Holidays

So, it’s holiday time again and that doesn’t stop homes from being listed or sold. But sellers may have a difficult time understanding how to decorate, if they should decorate, or how to stage their home when selling.Staging your home for the holidays

Just because your home is listed are currently on the market doesn’t mean you can’t decorate for the holidays. You won’t need to worry about offending people because the majority of buyers out there realize that most people celebrate some type of holiday tradition. While you need to be a little bit conscious of highly pronounced décor, meaning if you have 30 crosses around your house, tons of pictures of Jesus, a Scripture verse on every mirror, or anything that might openly offend another religious institution, it’s best to keep those things a little more muted and tamed. But simple decorations such as a Hanukkah menorah, Kwanzaa decorations or a Christmas tree should be perfectly acceptable to any buyer walking through your home.

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What you need to remember is keep it free-flowing, not too cluttered, and very tasteful. If you have every ornament on the tree that your children have ever created (and they’re now in their 30s) plus miles of Garland around anything that will stand still, it may seem overcrowded and cluttered. You still need to keep the simple rules of staging in mind. Make sure there’s not too much clutter or décor throughout each room, keep the flow of the rooms open, and keep the decorations tasteful. Many times buyers love viewing homes that have been tastefully and artfully decorated for the season. It brings warmth and tradition as well as a sense of security and family when potential buyers are touring your home.

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As far as the outside goes, keep this to a minimum as well. Simple lights, garland or a couple bows is about all you’ll need. This is not the time to bring out every strand of lights you have ever owned and cover every bush in the yard. It not only looks tacky during the day, but cluttered at night. As a seller you also don’t want to bring out too many decorations if you’re just going to get an offer and have to pack them away before the holiday.

But just because your home is on the market doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy each season as is. Fill free to decorate, minimally stage, and anything that you put out make sure you put something else away so that the home stays clean and clutter free.

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