Household dust are tiny particles that can add up to big problems. Dust might appear harmless, but look at it more closely and you are likely to see the various nasty components such as dust mites, dust mite excrement, pollen, toxic chemicals, and other materials that can cause discomfort, trigger allergies, or even cause or worsen serious illness.

The below infographic points out that the average house accumulates over 40 lbs. of dust yearly. Dust can be found everywhere in the home, but your closet is one place you definitely want to try to keep dust to a minimum. Closet dust can get into your clothes; then, you get into your clothes; and then dust mites and toxic chemicals might get into you. Not good.

Of course, no amount of reorganization or decluttering can deliver a permanent dust free zone. It’s extremely important to dust and clean closet surfaces thoroughly and regularly. Closets are easily overlooked in the cleaning routine; nevertheless, closet dust can still get on clothes and personal items. A clean closet is a major step forward toward a cleaner bill of health! For more closet cleaning help, check out the resource.

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