Tech Savvy Home Buyers and What they Look For

In a world of technology it's no wonder that home buyers are looking for the home buying process to be on the cutting edge of technology also. Homebuyers and sellers are increasingly tech savvy and looking for ways to make the transaction less painful, their lives easier and their experience more personalized.Tech Savvy home buyers and what they look for

This means it's going to take real estate franchises more than the e-sign functionality for signatures or CRM for a full pipeline to draw in and impress potential clients. It's time for real estate to think about where technology is headed and ensure the greatest experience possible for homebuyers and sellers.

Give them what they want, what they REALLY REALLY want. As an agent you know how your clients are using your website or mobile app and what they're searching for. They might not always know what they want and request information to everything so they can search themselves. Give them that but also pay attention to what they do but don't vocalize.

For instance, they may say they only like ramblers, but you may notice they're checking out raised ranches. Or maybe they say they love older homes, but you see that they've been checking out new construction.

It's your job to analyze the information that the online portals deliver. This is what will set you apart from the portal and create that personalization your client is looking for.  Use technology to your advantage to serve your client best.

Make an impact by blending knowledge from different sources. Look beyond your sphere of influence and look outside the box when evaluating technology tools. Look at other industries to get ideas of what has worked or maybe what hasn't.

There's so much technological innovation happening outside of real estate that can be used. Austin Allison, a former real estate agent, is a good example with company, Dotloop. He noticed services like Google Chat and AIM and just knew there was a way to make real estate transactions happen in real time and much more painless.

Think mobile. It's true that they're are already so many wonderful mobile apps to use currently, but mobile innovation is only gonna knock our socks off more and more as time goes by.

It should be no surprise that very soon most of the home buying process can be done entirely on a mobile device from search to close.

Some great mobile ideas for real estate include GPS apps that can locate properties and send clients information about them and their surrounding areas or apps where a client can enter search criteria and it will alert you when you're near a property that meets that criteria.

They key with mobile apps is to take your time and only introduce one to your business and clients when it's REALLY ready. You don't want clients to have a bad experience and then go with some one else.

Be educated. As an agent, make sure you're always educating yourself on current technology and evolving with the times. Always think about how the entire real estate experience happens for you and your clients. Your expectations will always be evolving and you need to see how technology can meet those for first, your client, and then you.

Thanks to our guest blogger, Louisville real estate pro, Joe Hayden for this current and relevant article.