Cleaning our homes is important especially in times like this where harmful germs could be coming into our homes. There are some things that we clean in our normal daily routines that may need a little less attention than we already give them.

It is not usually the killing of germs that is the issue (although making your home completely sterile is not a great idea either, our bodies need to fight off some germs to keep our immune “muscles” strong). The act of washing, wiping, scrubbing, and spraying can weaken and lessen the lifespan of some items in our homes.

Here are some items in our homes that usually see a little too much care and cleaning than they need.

Bathroom Mirrorthings we clean too much

The mirror in the bathroom does come in contact with a bit of grime and the whole bathroom is a hotbed for germs. We try to wipe down the bathroom weekly to get those nasty germs under control. Some cleaning articles advise us to wipe down the bathroom on a daily basis. The one fixture that doesn’t need all that attention is the mirror. On a daily basis we are showering and exposing the mirror to high levels of humidity. If the mirror is exposed to too much moisture it can get behind the mirror and reach the backing which can damage it. So just stick to wiping it down every so often when it seems super dirty.


This isn’t about deep cleaning (unless you use a DIY method more than a few times a year) it is more about the gusto and vigor we use when spot treating a stain. It is very common for us to instinctually pile on the store-bought cleaner in heaps and rub as hard as we can to get a spot out of the carpet. This can damage the fibers and make it hard to get the cleaning solution back out of the carpet. Instead use just enough spot cleaner to cover the stain and gently blot the spot. ALWAYS BLOT A STAIN NEVER RUB IT.

Wood Furniture

It is good to use a cleaner made especially for wood furniture on your wood furniture. It is also possible to easily use too much cleaner and cause an oil buildup that leaves behind a film that is visible and even attracts dust and dirt. Only use the wood cleaner once or twice a month. Between these cleanings simply wipe down with a damp cloth.


This isn’t really inside your home, but some of us are in the car so much it can be considered a second home. Cleaning the outside of the car is a good thing to keep dust, rocks, and dirt from damaging the paint, but each time you wash your car it is washing away small amounts of the protective wax layer. Washing the car too often and not re-applying the wax periodically could lead to spiderwebbing and cracking in the paint. Try to stick to just once or twice a month and make sure to wax at least once a year or pay someone to wax for you.

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