Even though baby boomers are not downsizing in record numbers like they use to in generations prior, there are still those looking for smaller homes, more convenient layouts, and prime locations. Many of these retirees are even looking into the tiny home movement. Now, while 300 ft.² may not sound like an attractive possibility, there are some things to look for when considering a tiny house as your retirement home. Certain design features can actually make these homes safer and more comfortable, specifically for downsizing retirees.

Here are four things to look for when considering a tiny house is your retirement home.

tiny house

#1. A main floor bedroom.

Most of these tiny houses have loft bedrooms to maximize the space and go higher rather than wider, but this isn't practical for retirees. Most people in their 60s and 70s are looking for single-story properties without a lot of stairs if any. Nobody wants to go up and down a  ladder as it can increase the risk of falls and strain on joints. Finding a tiny home with a single level floor plan that accommodates the bedroom as well as everything else can be doable all for around 400 ft.².

Tiny house shower

#2. A full bath.

Trying to maximize space in 300 ft.² can be tricky especially if you want a full bath but most of these homes come equipped with a raised toilet for comfort and a walk-in shower for safety. Try to look for a shower that has a 36 x 36 and standing shower, which is the same as a full-size home. Grab bars in the bathroom can also be a safety feature as well as slip resistant flooring.

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