Tiny house movement? Living in 300 ft.²? Can it be done? Yes! And people are seeking out tiny houses or custom building them. This tiny house movement is truly the ultimate in minimalistic living. A recent article by biz journals.com stated the Portland may be on the verge of a tiny house explosion. The Portland real estate market is extremely tight right now and without new inventory, homeowners and renters are forced to move out of the cities core. More and more people are checking into these smaller house movements where life in less than 500 ft.² might actually make more sense. Bigger isn't always better when you consider heating costs, property taxes and just the general upkeep and cleaning about 3000-4000 ft.² house.

Tiny house movement in Portland OregonNow, this isn't to say that a tiny houses for everyone. There are benefits and challenges on both sides of the coin. In the 1950s the average size of American home was just 983 ft.². In 1973 that nearly doubled to 1660 ft.² and a 2010 the average had climbed almost 2400 ft.². However, with all of this growth, homeowners could be remembering the advantages of having a smaller house.

The most obvious advantage is that smaller houses are more energy efficient and there's less cleaning and maintenance required. Smaller houses offer a more unique look and feel to the environment since so many homes these days are your typical "cookie-cutter" or tract homes.

People that prefer a tiny house also do so for a variety of emotional and environmental reasons. They tend to make use of all the free space and spend less time on devices, watching television or on media. People tend to spend less because they are mindful of the space. You're not likely to find a hoarder living in a tiny space on purpose. More space means more room it to store useless items, which means that every purchase for a tiny house owner needs to be intentional and purposeful.


If the tiny house move it seems like something that might strike your fancy or you'd like more information on it, fill free to call me anytime. We can take a look at some of the smaller houses around Portland and find out if this is something that you'd like to pursue further.

Image by Nicolas Boullosa Flickr