It may seem impossible to compete with other real estate listings in the same neighborhood, especially if you feel your home is worth more. But there are unique and unconventional ways of selling a property. If you've done everything else to list your property including hiring a local Portland real estate agent, market your home online, create a listing with the local MLS, and have the necessary key box and real estate signs in the front yard, here are some other, less known tactics that might work to get your home sold. (These work especially well if your home has sat on the market for some time.)

Create an unconventional ad. 

In a national MSN article a real estate agent "had a client enraged almost as soon as she acquired the listing, which was for a 5500 ft.² home that had been on the market for a year and a half with another agent. The agent immediately placed a quarter-page advertisement in the local newspaper that was utterly devoid of nearly all practical or typical information. The headline said "private compound" and the rest only square footage and "two separately deeded parcels, full tennis court." Even the newspaper saleswoman asked her, "who would put an ad in the paper like this?" The following day, the agent receives 33 phone calls. Within a week, she had two offers on the table. One came from a woman who lived in the neighborhood and had been househunting for two years. She said it represented just what she'd been looking for."

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You never know what is going to strike someone's fancy when it comes to purchasing a home. Taking that extra step and making a bold move may pay off in more ways than one. Creating an ad that strikes engagement, uniqueness, and the unknown may offer more phone calls, more looks and eventually a buyer.

Talk with your agent about a group open house.

Open houses are expected when it comes to listing a property but who shows up? Usually neighborhood looky-loos and nosy neighbors. Instead, conduct an open house with other agents that have listed properties in the same neighborhood within walking distance if possible. Speak to those agents about coordinating a group open house one Saturday afternoon. Create a postcard with a map that allows the agents, visitors and potential buyers to travel from one home to another offering snippets of information on each home. You might even contact local direct sale vendors or artisans to have a small booth in the home or out on the lawn showcasing their wares. This truly can be a unique community affair and with proper advertising, you're sure to get a lot of traffic.

Don't underestimate the power of the Internet.

In addition to simply listing your home on the local MLS and popping a sign in the front yard, enlist the authority of the Internet by promoting your listing on social media, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and make sure those beautiful photos of your home are scattered across Pinterest. If you're not going to take the time to take photos that can be seen across the world, then there's no point to utilize the power of the visual Internet.

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Of course, hiring a great agent that not only knows the market but the neighborhood that your listing and, can make a world of difference when it comes to selling your property, at the right time for the right price. Call me today for more information on listing your Portland home or real estate and how we can use unconventional methods to get your home sold quickly for as much profit in your pocket at the market can bear.

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