Although we are licensed real estate brokers and perform most all and sometimes far beyond what a typical Realtor might do, there are some tactics you, the seller, can take into your own hands to ensure you have showings and ultimately an offer.Valuable Staging Tips When Selling Your Portland Home

Because I cannot be in your home at all times, it’s up to you to set up your home in such a way to make it easy for short notice showings.

This is best done by removing much of the furnishings and items in the home before listing your Portland home for sale.

Since you are moving anyway, this is a great time to pack up personal knick-knacks, collections, photos and memorabilia and store them in a place that will be convenient when it comes time to move. If you can swing it, you may consider removing many items of furniture as well.

Sellers have to remember that not just one person is touring their home but at least two including the buyer's agent and perhaps families. By opening up rooms and walkways this allows the buyers not to feel crowded or give them the feeling that there is not enough room.

You want free flow from room to room and inviting atmospheres - Many times taking out even obvious pieces such as a television set won’t be noticeable to the buyers. that makes the buyers linger rather than quickly view and dash.

This also goes for food in pantries and clothes in the closet - If there is plenty of space in both places including the refrigerator, it will give a calming sense to potential buyers that there is plenty of space in this home.

Remember who you are decorating for - Once you list your property, you can no longer display personal taste and design. You must consider a neutral décor with relevant surroundings. Keep resorts in mind when staging your home.

Even children’s rooms can be geared to a more neutral design. Tasteful, minimalistic design draws buyers in and makes them want to stay longer and of course, bring an offer to the table.

Set an environment that is conducive to this, such as a sunroom with a good book on the table next to a chair with a pair of glasses. Perhaps wine glasses and a bottle in a quiet room. Create moods and direct the buyer how to feel when they are in that room.

Bathrooms need to be fresh and clean at all times - Image you are setting the stage for a valuable guest; keep a basket of toiletries on the counter with rolled or neatly folded towels and candles. Set the stage for the ultimate spa experience no matter how big or small your bathrooms may be.

Kitchens are easy rooms to allow clutter and items to pile up - Remove all items from the counters and replace them with one bowl of seasonal fruits or flowers. Draw from your local inspiration. 

These are just some simple, generic staging tips. For specifics on to go about selling your  Portland home, please contact me anytime. I would love to discuss pricing and marketing strategies with you.