Ways to Stay Cool in Portland Heat

It sure is heating up around the Portland area and with temps nearing 100° this weekend, people are trying everything possible to stay cool; and they should! Heat strokes, dehydration, and death by overheating is all too common this time of year. Here are some tips around the Portland area to stay cool this summer.

If you just can't stand being at home remember that shopping malls and public libraries are a great place to cool off. Spend the afternoon or especially the evening wandering the halls of the shopping malls or grab a good book and curl up in the library. Remember, don't leave pets home alone in apartments or houses that could easily reach over 90°.

There are several lakes and rivers within an hour of downtown Portland.  Find a shady spot along the Ways to Stay Cool in Portland HeatClackamas River, head on over to Collins Beach on Sauvie Island and Hagg Lake always has a spare spot.

For inside your home, open the doors and windows if you can during the evening and let us much cool air circulate through your home before the sun comes up. Once it does, block off as many windows and light as possible to trap the cool air for most of the day. Once the sun sets, open everything back up again and use circulating fans to get the cool air moved through the house and the hot air out.

Air-conditioners are great as long as they don't dry out your sinuses or cost you too much in energy. Supplement them by using ceiling fans, attic fans, and ventilating fans throughout the house.

Stay hydrated. Try to stay away from alcoholic beverages that simply dehydrate you. Make sure that your four-legged friends has extra water and slather on the sunscreen for your children and even your pets if they’re going to be outside for a long period of time. (There are many options for pet friendly sunscreen).

Always remember never to leave pets or children in cars even for a couple of minutes. Temperatures can soar over 30° higher than the outside temperature in just five minutes.

Get wet. Swimming pools, sprinklers, and other water activities are always the go to cool off on hot weather days. If you can't find the nearest lake, set one up in your backyard.

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Have cooler dinners. Heating up the stove or oven is just torture on these days so make a salad, have a juice or grill outside and provide plenty of ice cream!

Sleeping may be difficult in hot weather so reserve the bedroom as the first and last place to cool off for the day. If needed, set up individual box fans or window air conditioners in bedroom specifically.

It's hot out there and we want you to stay safe. Are you looking for a home with air-conditioning? There are plenty on the market to choose from. Call me up and let's see how we can get you into a home before summer ends.