It's a new year, which brings about new home trends, designs and predictions for the upcoming 2017. If you're considering selling your home in Portland this year it's a good idea to do a little bit of research on what buyers are really looking for. In a recent article by Inman Magazine, they touched on some of the 20 top home design trends of 2017 and we are already seeing a lot of buyers looking for the specific design. Here some of our favorites from this list and is something to consider if you're planning on selling.

#1. Modern, open spaces.What buyers are looking for in 2017 home trends

Buyers are looking for an open space type of layout. They don't want closed off rooms where entertaining is almost impossible. Buyers don't want everyone to congregate in one area of the house but be able to be spread out and still have conversations with each other, see other people and carry on entertaining without being shoved away in a kitchen.

#2. A built-in bar or contrasting island.

The kitchen truly is the most popular place for entertaining. People gather around an island or lean on the bar as they talk to their host. Kitchens that accommodate this type of entertaining have been very popular. Contrasting islands, meaning that the cabinetry and built-in items of the kitchen are a different color or tone than a mobile or permanent island, is really attractive to many buyers.

#3. Lots of white and wood.

Why cabinetry, white accents, whitewashed brick walls or subway tile in the kitchen or in a bathroom are very popular. As our wood countertops for a modern twist on country chic.

#4. Grays or taupes.

The most common color or popular color of 2017 is a Sherman Williams poised taupe or Benjamin Moore's shadow. These are neutral tones, adding warmth and yet a touch of modern to each room. The shadow is a dark, gunmetal gray that paired with purple picks up the purple in the color or paired with blue picks up the blue. It really is a versatile color.

#5. Functional yet modern bathrooms.

Unique vanities are really making a comeback. Instead of the pre-manufactured designs, many buyers are looking for crafty and creative ideas such as using a chest of drawers, and old file cabinet or vintage consoles. These one-of-a-kind pieces really add drama to the bathroom in a new and unique way. It's not something you're going to find in your neighbors bathroom.

Even if you just implement one or two of these items you are probably far ahead of your resell competition. For more information please contact our office today. We can help you stage, design and suggest tips and secrets to appeal to a wide range of homebuyers in 2017. Image by Flickr - Chalon Handmade