Buying or selling, this information is important. As a seller, you want to know what buyers are looking for; as a buyer, you don't want to miss these things either. Because we work with both buyers and sellers, we know the inside scoop on both sides of the transaction to make each party the most informed during the process.

What Do Home Buyers Notice First in a Property?

Here's what WE think most buyers notice first in a home.

#1. Cleanliness.

It's next to Godliness, right? Well, some people might think that and if the home is seriously lacking in basic cleanliness, buyers think what else the sellers have neglected if they can't even clean up the place before a showing. For starters, you might not get as much is you hoped for the house. If buyers think that you are overpriced, they are certainly not gonna pay full price for a messy house. It's important to clean the house really well, including places you may not even think to clean such as window and door tracks, ceiling fans and blinds.

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#2. The smell.

Smells and odors can remind you of a memory more than anything and if your home reminds them of the smoke-filled houses they grew up in, wet dog on a rainy day, or that you have a change the garbage in a week, you might need to rethink the odors in your house. If there's something serious such as mold or mildew, that should be addressed right away. If you just need to take out the garbage, the carpets a good cleaning by a professional, or bake a batch of snickerdoodle cookies right before a showing, then do it.

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#3. Clutter.

Clutter can come in the form of too much furniture for a room, too many things on tables and counters, or too much in the cabinets, cupboards, and closets.It's time to clear off every flat service you can think of and about half of the items in closets and pantries. Buyers want to see that there is plenty of room, that there's no crowding, and they will have plenty of space for their items.

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#4. Odd colors, weird layout, or loud decorations.

Buyers don't want to see a bright red kitchen, neon green bathroom, or Princess pink bedrooms. They want neutral, they want something that will appeal to everyone, and they don't want to look for a lot of work to be done once they live in. Any bright color in a room could turn the buyer off so you want to make sure every color is as neutral, warm and as inviting as possible. They also don't want loud decorations, memorabilia, personal photos, or weird collections. It's time to lovingly pack these things away until you sell.

We'd love to add to this list. What do YOU notice when you go into a house? 

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