Many people start their real estate search by looking at a neighborhood's crime rate, school district, and accessibility. People want to know how far the neighborhood is to where they will be working, if they already know this. People may also want to know about noise, traffic and the neighbors. These are all issues that you should be concerned about when choosing the right neighborhood for you. So let's start with the most basic for many homeowners moving to the Portland area.

Schools.great schools in Portland

Many people choose schools as one of the top reasons for moving to particular neighborhood or community. Portland has some excellent schools but some are definitely better than others. A good school system can drive up property values so if you're wondering why properties in a certain neighborhood are higher than in another neighborhood of similar style, it could be due to the school district. If you're a parent of a school age child this is going to be a major priority for you. Choosing the right school can set the stage for several years of your child's life. Plus, you might consider this for resale value as well. If you are settling for a home in a not so great school district it might be more difficult to sell later on to similar homebuyers.

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Even if you don't currently have children but plan on having children down the line, choosing a school district in which your child may be attending makes good financial sense, especially if you're planning on staying in the home for several years. But, even if you don't have children and you plan on selling the home within five or 10 years, choosing a good school district might be a great resale perk for many new home buyers that will be moving to your area and do have children.

Also, many homes in a neighborhood that are part of a great school or school district may naturally increase more over time giving you more equity in your home. The school district, whether you have kids or not, does play a major role in the desirability of the homes in the neighborhood and the price. It's certainly something to consider. Image by Richard Flickr


I hate going from fabulous schools into crime but really this is one of the top concerns people have about a particular neighborhood. Everyone wants to live in a safe neighborhood and and unless the neighborhood is really bad, it usually will not affect home prices too drastically. Before moving to a particular neighborhood check with websites such as Neighborhood Scout that determines the safety history of crime for just about every city, neighborhood and subdivision in the US.

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Of course, you can also speak to me and my team about any safety concerns you might have about a particular neighborhood. While I have to keep to the standards of Equal Housing Opportunity laws I can offer insights about neighborhoods to the best of my ability. One thing I would stress is to check the crime rates before moving into any particular neighborhood.

If you are concerned about safety of a particular neighborhood check with that neighborhoods crimewatch community or double check that there is street lighting, sidewalks, and a well lit area for you and your family. You certainly one want to have to worry taking your dog for a jog every evening or leaving your car in the driveway.