Where is Portland Oregon?


Chances are, if you live in the Portland Oregon area you know where Portland is; but many people around the country need to know where Portland is if they're planning on either relocating here or obtaining a job here. Knowing where Portland is in relation to other areas such as Seattle, California, or the West Coast can be important in making your home buying decision.

Portland on the market wants to make it easy for you to find a home in our area whetheWhere is Portland Oregonr it is in downtown Portland or one of the outlying subdivisions like the neighborhoods and towns such as Lake Oswego, Tigard, and Beaverton. All of these places offer wonderful school districts and quaint neighborhoods with easy access to downtown Portland if you're commuting and career takes you to that direction.

Where We Are Located

Portland Oregon is located right up against the Washington border in the north and is about three hours from downtown Seattle Washington. The Pacific Ocean is roughly 1 to 2 hours away depending on which direction you go; Rockaway Beach is about an hour and 45 min. whereas Seaside and Astoria are roughly 2 hours considering they are a little northwest of downtown Portland. Vancouver Washington is located right across the Columbia River, minutes from downtown Portland, so many people that work in Portland or in Vancouver choose to live in one of the two cities.

Salem is the closest largest city South of Portland, about an hour’s drive, and a little farther down Interstate 5 is Eugene Oregon, which is roughly 2 hours from downtown. Portland sits on the western side of the state but if you're traveling to the eastern part of Oregon most people traverse it along Interstate 84 which travels through The Dalles Oregon, Pendleton, Le Grande and finally meets up down in Boise Idaho. Medford and Ashland Oregon is in the southernmost part of the state, minutes from the California border but Portland is roughly six hours to California by Interstate 5 and Hwy. 101 down to Crescent city or Redding California, which is the largest city South of the border.

Within Portland there are dozens of neighborhoods, subdivisions, and outlying towns such as Gresham, Hillsboro, Tigard, Oregon city, and Lake Oswego. Many that will work in the downtown Portland area choose to live in one of these neighboring communities. There are dozens of smaller neighborhoods with quiet streets and well-established landscaping and forest areas. Several communities offer beautiful views of downtown Portland or lakefront estates on Lake Oswego.

Whatever you are looking for, Portland on the Market can provide all the current listings in the entire Portland area. We can also offer information on commute times, school districts, Parks and Recreation, and local and statewide events and festivals. Please  Contact Us if you're interested in moving to the Portland real estate area.