Having opened in 2006, Le Pigeon has remained one of Portland's best restaurants. Not only is the food decadent and delicious but the service is polished and intelligent. Le Pigeon was named as Portland's best restaurant last year and this year they took the title again however, there are many that tried to compete with this fantastic, high-level restaurant.Chef Rucker at Le Pigeon

 Castagna, which came in at #2, is Portland's only two time winner of the Oregonian's Restaurant of the Year until now. They first received the honor in 2000 and then again in 2010 after chef Matt Lightner decided to create a more progressive agenda and approachable meals. Tasting menus start at $155 and include items such as crab gelée, pickled plum purée, foie gras and a unique dessert inspired by potato skins. They feature caviar and A5 wagu beef, yet the atmosphere is relaxed and casual.

Le Pigeon however, took the top spot this year. Located at 738 East Burnside Rd., this restaurant is only open for dinner and serves delicious food by two-time James Beard award winner Gabriel Rucker. Everything is perfect in this restaurant down to the lighting, which emphasizes the look and color of each dish. The menu boasts local ingredients such as plump morels with cedar planked trout, seared foie gras with sable fish and dill, and the crème brûlée with honey elderflower pot de creme, granola and strawberries.

Le Pigeon best restaurant in Portland

This restaurant has it all including burgers at the bar for fancy tasting menus starting at $80 with wine pairings and desserts. Speaking of desserts, they certainly do not skimp on the taste. There's foie gras profiteroles dusted with powdered sugar in the mid-pistachio moon pie alongside a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, which looks like it's dipped in potpourri. Chef Rucker plans on keeping his restaurant #1. The menu changes frequently so with something to enjoy on a weekly or monthly basis for sure.

Next time you're in town make sure you stop at 738 East Burnside St. and enjoy some delicious food at Le Pigeon.

images by Chef Rucker and Krista