Will Staging my Portland Home Help it Sell?

I deal with a lot of buyers and sellers and many sellers ask if staging will sell their home. While the short answer is ‘no’, the long answer is maybe… if it’s priced right. If a home is overpriced, no amount of staging will sell it, however, sellers may be able to gain a little more from the home if it’s staged right or professionally.

Staging is definitely a key component to any home listing. Buyers love seeing a home well put together, designed and laid out properly. It gives them a sense of cleanliness, organization and comfort. Sellers want buyers to feel comfortable in their home, envisioning themselves in the property. A neutral staging job is a great way to accomplish this but again, if the home is over-priced, it may not sell regardless of how well the home was staged.

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Do you need a professional stager?

Staging has become synonymous with a perfect listing. If you want it shown, stage it well. Professional stagers do this for a living and know what it takes to show well. It's all about your budget; if you can afford it, do it. All sellers want top dollar for their home and to squeeze as much profit from the sale is always the goal. Staging is just another key to making that happen. It’s a factor along with about a dozen other major factors that really prompt an offer on a property. In addition to staging is also location, layout, size and of course, price.

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Price is probably the #1 factor to selling a home and selling it fast. Offering buyers something more for less money is always the best way to gain an offer and potentially multiple offers depending on how low the price actually is compared to similar properties.

Of course, no seller wants to “give” away their home but by maximizing all the other factors that sellers have control over, they can increase the price but still be lower than their closest competition.

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Let’s put it this way: A home in a particular neighborhood has 2000 sq. ft., 3 bedrooms and a large backyard. The sellers have not done anything special to the home except for cleaned it up and de-cluttered it. It’s currently priced at $300,000. A similar home on the block is 1900 sq. ft., 4 bedrooms and a large, fenced backyard but had a professional stager come in and completely redesign the layout and feel of the home, much more inviting than the competition. This home is priced at $305,000.  Although the home is less square footage, the staging and a couple extra amenities can potentially gain an additional $5000 for the home. However, if the seller really wants the home gone now, a competitive move would be to price at $299,900. It looks less expensive and yet almost has more.

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Pricing and staging can go hand in hand and it’s a strategic move, pricing and marketing a home. You need top representation so we get the most for your home at top dollar. Give me a call to find out how to price and present your Portland home for sale.

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