The Woodmont Natural Park is a nearly 7-acre park in Lake Oswego Oregon. The Parks and Recreation Department has recently undergone a design process for this park addressing the park's plan for 2025 goal of investment in existing natural areas. Currently, the park is now open on a soft opening for public access.Woodmont Natural Park is Open

Located at 13600 Atwater Ln. in Lake Oswego, this amazing park is been developed and restored to provide a place for the community to get closer to nature. The master plan consists of removing existing invasive and non-native trees, shrubs and vegetation, installation of new trees, shrubs and groundcovers, regrading the site and enhancing stormwater management, compacted pathways and public road widening, a permanent and temporary irrigation and restoration of any degraded natural resource features.

The parks department has undergone a systemwide community-based planning process. They wanted to develop the concept plan for the Woodmont Natural Park exposed any needed gaps in the preservation plan. This is a citywide, hybrid character park meaning that integrates natural and developed features throughout the park. In addition to natural features in the park, nearly 5 acres of land is considered developable and there are current bids for future park development.

The recent plan, however, included two new overlooks and viewpoints of the entire park. It improved the biodiversity and native habitat and repurposed natural material from the site. Walnut trees were cord out and cut into sections and local artists took to preserving certain forested areas by creating nesting areas and enhanced wetlands. The plan also included new native trees, shrubs, and perennials with 5 miles of new trail and realignment as well as improvement of existing trails.

The Woodmont Natural Park opened on February 5, 2021 with a grand opening to follow when the weather is better suited to celebrate the accomplishment. This began back in May 2020 and now, the park offers more natural areas more suited to native foliage as well as improved developed, man-made systems for resident enjoyment. [View Source for all images]