If you're planning on selling your Portland home, our real estate agent will verify whether the home is move-in ready or it needs some updating first. If you're looking to get the very most profit from the sale of your home, and who isn't, then you'll need to do some preliminary maintenance and check up on your home before listing in marketing the property.

Living in your home for some time can make you blind to a lot of the maintenance issues that homebuyers will see right away. To get around this issue it's best to have a trusted friend or even your real estate agent to tour the home pointing out any issues that buyers might notice immediately. Buyers don't want to make a mental list of all the items that need to be fixed as soon as they move in. The more move-in-ready you make your home, the more attractive it will be to potential homebuyers.

Move in ready

Eye-sores for Buyers

Items that often get neglected include holes in window screens, ragged door jams, leaky faucets, outdated lighting fixtures and appliances, dirty door and window tracks and malfunctioning blinds or window shades.

New appliances, updated materials and contemporary cabinets, counters, window coverings and even furnishings can all make a home move-in ready. If you're still dealing with appliances and finishes that are from the 1970s or 1980s, buyers will look at this as a major update as soon as they move in. They may not want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on this renovation and because of this reason, it will lower the price of your home dramatically. It might cost quite a bit to do these updates but chances are you'll likely see a greater return once the home sells.

Items that are hard to see but can make a difference include energy-efficient appliances and materials. New windows, and updated front door, energy Star appliances etc. all can add to the energy efficiency of a home without being something that buyers will notice right away. The best way to notify them of these changes is to make note of it in a flyer or report that you have ready to go each time you show the home. You can inform potential buyers that upgrades and updates have been done to ensure an energy-efficient home saving them hundreds if not thousands of dollars in energy costs.

Is Your Home Move-in Ready or Needs Updating?

If you're going to cut corners, it's best to leave things be.

Getting a home ready to sell doesn't necessarily mean putting in the cheapest item just to get the home sold. Buyers will quickly discover cheap materials and if they don't, there buyers agent probably will. If you're going to put in new counters it's best to go with granite or quartz, rather than a cheap upgrade. Buyers still might consider replacing the counters if they're not top-of-the-line.

Appliances you can probably go middle of the road with. The most expensive appliances can be extremely costly and if you're not even going to enjoy them yourself, it's best to leave those for your next home. However, going with a builder grade appliance is not always the best option either. You can typically find an affordable option that's also durable.


Is Your Home Move-in Ready or Needs Updating?

Pick and choose the best upgrades.

This is where your real estate agent really comes in handy. Asked them about the best places in the home to spend your money. If you have $1000 for an upgrade budget ask where it is best spent and where you should focus your energy. If you have $10,000, you might be able to focus on several different upgrades throughout the house. Whatever your budget is, don't spend it on the wrong item. If the home is in desperate need of new carpeting, this is where the money is best spent. If all the home needs is a good touchup of paint, this could save you hundreds of dollars and really give the home an entirely new look.

Again, if you're looking for the most amount of profit from the sale of your home you have to complete some upgrades, especially if the home is extremely dated or has maintenance issues. But, before you do anything talk with your real estate agent about the best way to go about the upgrades, the materials, brands and items to use to get the most from your remodeling budget to appeal to a wide range of buyers.

For more information please contact our office to find out what your home is currently worth and what it could sell for in today's market.

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