Whether you are getting your home ready to sell or it just needs a little bit of TLC, there are some clear signs that your home needs a little love. Here are 10 signs to look for to know if your house is failing you.

#1. Ceiling stains.10 Signs to Look For

A leaky roof can go unnoticed for some time until you find ceiling stains or water running down the walls. And it can be tricky finding the leak. Small leaks can lead to bigger problems such as mold and rotted framing to storing insulation and damaging the interior of your homes so it's best to get it taken care of before you wait too long.

#2. Damaged shingles

Damaged shingles can definitely lead to a leak. During a windstorm, if you've noticed composite shingles flying off your roof, it's time to take a good inventory of the roof to avoid any leaks or further damage.

#3. Mold where the roof and exterior wall meat.

Roof runoff can flow down the wall and possibly inside the house so it's best to have a kick out flashing where our roof edge meets the sidewalk. If there's a window or door below, water can seep in even easier. You might not even notice this for years but the rock will eventually destroy sheathing and framing.

#4.Damaged flashings.

Flashings on the roof or around the chimney that have been arrested or damaged can cause leaks as well. Slipping on new flashings under the old rusted material can divert water and leaks away from inside the house.

#5. Efflorescence on chimney brick

the white material that appears on brick occurs when moisture moves through masonry. That moisture can pick up materials and leave them behind forming tiny crystals, this means there's too much moisture inside the chimney or it could be a sign that the flue liner is cracked or broken. It's best to get a chimney repair professional out as soon as possible.

#6. Melted grommets on the water heater.

Exhaust from a gas water heater flows through a duct and out of the house but if there are damaged plastic grommets on top of the water heater melted by hot exhaust it could be pumping deadly gases into your home.

#7. The water meter never stops spinning.

This could be assigned you've got a water leak somewhere. Check your faucets and plumbing fixtures and make sure they're all turned off and running correctly.

#8. Beam misplacing not directly over a post on a deck or foundation.

If you see a split in horizontal posts or logs that are not directly over another vertical post, this could be a disaster waiting to happen.

#9. Kinked refrigerant line.

A large kink in an air conditioning refrigerant line can be the start of a larger problem the line may need to be sealed with putty to keep out critters as well.

#10. Loose outlets.

Using an outlet over and over can loosen the wires over time but this can be a dangerous situation. Tighten any loose plug-ins and electrical wires or replace if necessary.

Each home is different so it's important to give your home a once over at least once per year. Check the roof, gutters, siding, door frames, window frames, seals, and all major appliances.

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